Thursday, October 3, 2013


I do want to say that I'm grateful for the situation that I'm in.  I do have a husband that helps out, a home and two relatively healthy kids.  I can sleep during the day if I want to.

It sucks that everything seems to be happening at once, but that seems pretty normal, right?  Also, I've had two cups of coffee so I'm on that caffeine upswing: everything is possible!!! (with cream and sugar)

I am glad for that nap even if it made me feel how tired I am.  I think I was trying to push myself and see what it would be like to not get sleep and push through my day but likely I'll find that out without practicing for it so I'll grab my sleep while I can.

Alright, time to pull up stakes.  Wagons, ho!  (at the garden, nobody freak out)

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