Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 2 and 5/8

This morning I was awoken by the sound of a monkey raping a parrot.  When I asked Liz what kind of bird it was she said "oh those were the bats."  Okay, then.

What day is it?  I kind of lost Sunday.  So....  I arrived in Sydney at 6am.  I had been awake on the plane for a while as they kept on playing movies all night.  Really??  Anyway, so after I make my way through the initial security screening, I just head straight to baggage services.  I had been told in LA that my luggage was already in Sydney.

Well, the nice chick in Sydney said my luggage was in LAX so I went to customs.  Bad move.  If you go through international customs and don't have check in luggage you will go through secondary.  Not a good thing.  Of course, it was going to happen to me.  After everything else.  And as I wait my turn, I think, "today is the day I'll be cavity searched".

I was interrogated.  Not badly but my bags were empty and searched.  Really.  They were too light because was bringing Liz smart food.  Cheese flavored popcorn.


So I make it through that without crying.  And Liz was there to greet me.  :)

We go shopping at kmart.  OMG Clothes were so cheap but tic tacs were $3.  WTH???  Anyway, so I get some basics at Liz's behest, in case I never see my luggage again.

At about 9:30, I get a little antsy and ask if I can have some wine.  Which led to us drinking three bottles of champagne.  What?  I had a hard time. We are happily drinking away when her cell rings.  She didn't want to answer it but I asked her to, in case it was the airlines.  Some sweet soul at the airport had PULLED MY BAG OFF OF THE BAGGAGE CAROUSEL.  It was on my flight the whole time.  I have no words.

So as we were drunk, her mom came over and drove us to the airport.  And by drunk, I mean tipsy and by tipsy, I probably mean drunk.  Anyway, I got my bag.  I. GOT. MY. BAG.  And then I got my period.

The End.

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