Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So we're all laid pretty low around here today. Madi's still taking antibiotics since the urine culture reacted to the antibiotics she's on. Her pee smells WAY better. Lily's taking a different antibiotic for her ear infection. She scared me yesterday. She couldn't stop crying. I got her to take some tylenol, she had a short nap and woke up Tigger. She wouldn't stop bouncing around! Argh

We went to see a different doc since our local office was booked. He was a VERY nice man. Looked like he should still be in residency. Does it mean you're getting old when your doctors look young? Dang.

So yesterday was Pancake Day and the doc's office just happened to be by an IHOP. I wasn't sure I could take care of both of the girls but I thought, nothing ventured, nothing broken. I mean, gained.

Lily was actually good and Madilyn didn't launch herself out of the highchair so we were all good. Madi was shoving her scrambled eggs in her mouth, hand over fist. However, there was a family that came in after us and was seated next to us that had weird little girls. They were STARING at Madi and making comments. Y'all know me - I was trying not to give the Glare of Death. The mom was telling them how old she thought Madi was. She was WRONG. Look, b*tch, I don't take my kids out so that other people can rate how well they eat. She was doing damn well and eating all her food. Lily was also doing exceptionally well - although she stopped eating after putting pepper on her pancakes but you know, haven't we all done that? :)

Shortly thereafter Lily announces that she has to poo poo and in a loud enough voice that a man in a booth tells us, without us asking, where the bathroom is. *rolling eyes* He just laughed and said he had 6 kids and 9 grandkids so he wasn't put off his FOOD. Jeez Lily.

On the way out, Lily says to me "You're the best mommy ever."

Ahhhhh, she plays me like a big dumb cello.

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