Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grumpy Face

That's Lily. I know she's going through a big thing. I try to give her structure and support. Oh and by big thing, I mean a change. She's trying to make more of her own decisions but she's still a little girl and she isn't totally ready to let go of mom and dad. Hence the emotional out bursts. But she's still a good kid and sweet, most of the time. :)

She loves watching documentaries. IF they're about dinosaurs or sharks. She kills me because she doesn't know the alphabet but when I walked into the room yesterday, she informed me that I was looking at a tiger shark on the tv. You know? Anyway, I need to go and get started on my sticky buns. ummmm That didn't sound right. Happy Easter everyone and be glad you don't have to be Madilyn. (She almost never gets a photo by herself anymore).

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M'Lou said...

I hope this makes it. I have tried leaving comments but somehow they never seem to get accepted. But today I signed in to my Blog so maybe that will make the difference. Happy Easter.