Thursday, March 15, 2012


I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed by. No, really. How is it March 15th?

omg I forgot that Pedro and I have a date night this Saturday and I've only been going on about it for a month! lol

Madi hasn't said anymore words, but we're all glad that she's using "no" properly. Granted she yells it at school when they're trying to make her do something, but again, we're all just happy to hear her using a word and using it in the right context. :)

What else? Lily is being Lily. We went to the gym Tuesday night and she took one of my mints in case Carson, the boy she likes, was there. He was. Thankfully, she only blew him a kiss.

I'm still working out hard but my... I can't think of the word.... has waned. At this point I don't care if I get mud on my shoes and go get some beer. I think I've been training too hard maybe. Instead of being excited to go to the gym, I fuss and complain and then talk back outloud to my training sheet. "Really?!" "You can't be serious." Maybe that's why no one talks to me at the gym.

Anyway, less than a month to go now. I went to the OB yesterday and she giggled and said "Your legs are SO skinny". That was a great complement but it would've been nicer if I could've seen her face when she said it. *eyes*

So yes, the training is getting me in great shape and my shorts from last year just literally fall off of my butt when I walk around the house. Maybe this malaise is due to the fact that Madi hasn't slept through the night all week and I've reached my breaking point. Don't worry, nothing bad. Just that no one made it to school today because I absolutely could not get out of bed. And that's what happens. The first few nights, I'm okay. I suck it up and nap when I can but by the 3rd or 4th night, that's it.

Oh Madi. You are so lucky that you are cute.

A friend sent this link to me and most of the list rings true. I am a blabber mouth so I don't feel as isolated as the author of the article. Huge surprise, I know. :) But it might help some of you understand where I'm coming from. :)

And also, I don't get jealous. It's frustrating and hard having a developmentally delayed kid, but I love who she is. She is the honey badger of our house and I lovingly accept everything that comes with that. :) (maybe not when she throws my phone, or iPod, or Kindle)

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