Friday, December 30, 2011

I'll take it

Last night, Madi refused to eat any strawberries so I told her:

"I'll get you some blueberries, Madi."

Madi looks at me and says: "Poo."*

I think she was going for "blue" so it's good enough for me.

Things are interesting as all of us are sick. I'm glad I took the girls to the doc on Wednesday - Lily had a puss filled ear infection and Madi had the beginnings of one. So they are on antiobiotics. wheeee! Lily never even told me that her ear hurt. I swear.

What else? I've got ants in my pants or something because I've been trying to organize stuff today. I think it was hearing a thing on the radio about hoarding. I'm not an extreme hoarder but I am guilty of not knowing what to do with things, or where to put them, and letting them pile up. So I've been going through things with extreme prejudice. Most of the time, this means I'm carrying hand loads of pens to the study, but still. :)

Best wishes for everyone for the New Year. Let's hope it doesn't suck!

* She loves blueberries and eats them by the handful - so it does give her interesting poop. I wasn't sure if that's what she was referring to.

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