Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holy crap

So Madi has kept us up the last few nights. I hope it's a sign of changes to come - I mean, she tends to get restless at night right before she grows/learns a new skill. She was screaming for hours this morning and yes we gave her pain meds. She fell asleep 30 minutes before the alarm. *eyes* So all 3 of us are home today. We didn't get up til 10. Alright, they got up at 9:30 but I couldn't get my eyes open until 10. Satisfied??! :)

So I don't know what to do with Madi. I honestly feel like she's killing me. I know it sounds melodramatic but I swear I can see myself age every time I look in the mirror! What the frack.

And she's not that sweet anymore either. Pedro went into the bathroom last night and shut the door and she got mad and kicked one of my cowboy boots several times down the hall, stomped her feet and yelled. Until I told Pedro to hurry it up and get her in the bath! He gave her a shower and said she stomped in there like she was the boss. Geez.

What else? I guess I could go out today and get Madi a new school bag and some kitty litter. Unrelated. :) Hope everyone else is having a much better week!

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