Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm so tired so I'll just note some recent stuff. :)

Madi waved goodbye today at school. Huge deal.

We swear she said "sister" the other day and they've started forcing her to speak at school before she gets her snack. Obviously, not forever, just for the first bite. She's coming around.

Today, I gave her a diaper and told her to take it to the TA, which she did.

Madi is definitely getting there. We wish that she would talk. She now licks her lips to let us know that she's hungry. I applaud her efforts to communicate but still would like her to talk. And yes, we've had just about everything tested. Everything that's supposed to work, does.

What else? Had a great visit at Thanksgiving with g-ma, g-pa, Nicole and Claire. Madi was the only kid to sit and eat. When she wants to eat, you can't give her food fast enough. :) Too funny.

ummmm Can't think of anything else right now. I hope everyone's having a good week and peace out!

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