Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So I'm alive. I'm still on antibiotics. I got to this point with the stomach thing where I knew I wasn't going to beat it by myself. I've been feeling so much better this week. I mean, I wasn't getting any nutrition or hydration from my food last week and I started to feel so weak. That's when I knew I needed to see my doc.

I did lose five pounds so, there's that.

Let's see... Madi has been a little star lately. Oh, she still wakes me up but she's trying to talk. She said "bush" this morning before I brushed her hair. She's listening to more commands - she gets her blankie and binkie when I tell her to. So things are going on in there. And I swear she just grew another two inches.

Her teachers say she's doing amazing. Of course, she still has Madi moments but one day she held hands with another classmate all the way to the gym. On the way back, she laid down and refused to walk. *snort* She kills us.

I think that's it for now. I have to get Lily to the dentist and, of course, this is the first day this week that Madi has had a nap as soon as we got home. All I want to do is lay down.... Argh.

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