Monday, November 15, 2010

You've got a ....

So we all went to gymnastics class this morning. Lily kept on going and sitting on the bleachers. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she didn't have a friend to play with. This other little girl had just sat down so Lily went and tickled her. That was it - off they went to play. The little girl's name is Emma and she just turned 3. A lot of the kids there are younger and smaller than Lily. I'm not going to put her in gym next year. She'll be starting pre-school and with the other playgroups we almost go to that should be enough.

Madi slept through the night. ??? She was sleeping with Pedro. I guess we know where she should sleep from on. :/ I mean, I'm glad but why can't she sleep through the night with me??? Maybe I toss and turn too much. ??

Anyway, the back deck is almost finished. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so the guys will be inside painting the living room. It will probably take all day. :P The living room is where we all hang out. Oh, we'll be fine somewhere else but it will be a bit inconvenient. It will, however, look great once it's all done. :)

Oh and Madi's been cruising around her activity table. She also stands up, grabs my legs and bounces up and down screaming for me to pick her up. At least it's getting closer to her walking, right??? I spend most of gym class making Madilyn sit with her legs in front of her. I hope it's paying off. I'm so glad that there's only possibly four classes left. I might put Madi in the class next fall, once she can run and jump with abandon. If she wants to. :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe YOU should try sleeping with Pedro and you might get a good night's sleep. Or not. :)

LzyMom said...

He snores WAY too loudly for me. I don't know how the girls deal with it but it doesn't bother them - as far as I can tell.