Friday, February 19, 2016

Habba what?

I really couldn't think of a post title so I went with a Yo Gabba Gabba quote. 

This Madi of mine.

Yesterday, the bus driver told me it took three people (3) to get Madi into her seat.  She wanted to lay on the floor of the bus. 

This morning, I could not get her jacket on her.  She kept on pinching the inside of the sleeve so her arm wouldn't go down into it.  I have no idea where she learned it.  I think it's what the therapists call "an original thought". Brat.

Hopefully, we have a behavior therapy assessment on the 27th. Man.  Her behavior is probably the most challenging part of raising her.  She can be very sweet and lovely and she's learned to hug us when we get mad at her.  But we can't have her being so combative.  We all offer her choices, but she still has to do what we ask.  Is the bus driver supposed to drive with her on the floor of the bus? Of course, not.  Am I supposed to let her walk outside in freezing temps? Actually, I did do that.  Cause and effect and she's half-Canadian. She never complained though.  Little *grumble*

We've tried to set expectations for her and consequences because we know we won't be taking care of her one day and we don't want her to be horrible.  The better she gets along with people, the better for her as well.  That's so hard to teach though.

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