Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Point Defiance

Because you have to have a snappy title.

So, this kid.

This. Kid.

Madi is still doing speech therapy on Wednesdays at UVA. Even Pedro has noticed that Madi's speech is improving.  Yay!


I'll try and set this up. Madi likes to pick her nose and we normally don't call too much attention to it because then it becomes a game.  But I was trying to get her to stop during therapy and was using a tissue to try and clean her nose.  Then, for some reason, Madi decided to put her feet on the table.  She pushed back in the therapy chair (for lack of a better description) and we were alarmed and ran behind her, which gave Madi the chance to put her feet more solidly on the table.  Then she jammed a finger from each hand, up each nostril and looked at us.

"Whatch gonna do now?"

Okay, she didn't say that but you just knew.

I cannot wait for this behavioral therapy to get started.  Should take a couple of weeks to get things going.  None of us, parents, teachers, etc., have any idea of how to deal with her.  She can do things, but won't want to do them, and that's where we're at.  With our feet on the table and our fingers in our nose.

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