Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Keep on keeping on

Shooo!  So I've applied to work as a county driver for the girls' school.  Well, in Fluvanna there are four schools, but you get the idea.  I made it past the first hurdle, which was having a clean driving record.  Next up, I had my finger prints done today.  Then, if I pass the background check, it's onto a week of classroom training.  Then, I think, there's a DMV test.  Then there's the actual driving???  I kind of lost track.  It takes months to complete everything.  Just trying to line up my duckies in a row.

And you know, I've spent a lot of time and mental energy trying to figure out what to do.  So much of my time is fixated on the kids.  I don't think I said that right.  I can't do things because I MIGHT have to watch the kids.  I can't lock in my time, unless it's evenings or weekends and you know, Pedro works full-time so watching the kids while I'm at work is kind of a bummer.  Yes, spare me the kids are so great line.  They are, but they can also be royal pains in the butt and Madi needs to be watched constantly.  Which is exhausting.  Grandma can back me up on that. 

So we need a second income and I can tell you from experience that quitting for the summer to watch the girls and then reapplying in the fall really sucks.  The whole process of looking for a job.  Just applying for one job can take hours. So yeah, I'd like to not have to do that.

And then there's just random days off from school.  Or "Staff Day" as the school calls them.  It's hard when you're in an office to be like, uh yeah, I can't work because of a staff day.  But hey, Sonia, why can't you use a baby sitter?  Well, I did put some feelers out there and people got in touch with me who make more an hour than I do so... paying someone more than I make to watch my kids.  Yeah.  Not going to work.  And Madi, isn't 100% toilet trained so a lot of places won't take her and she still doesn't talk so well, so I'm not leaving her with just anyone.

Driving a school bus was one of the few scenarios that Pedro and I came up with (okay mostly him) where I can work, be on the girls' schedules, have some time to myself during the day, and work with people who completely understand what working parents go through. This is, for me, a big deal.  I can hopefully get a job where I'll feel settled and productive (are those mutually exclusive?) and not have to stress when one of the kids gets sick (they get to sit behind me on the bus).

Getting the picture?  There is very little in the way of good options for me.  Are bad options even options?  Wow I need some sleep.  So anyway, fingers and toes crossed.  There's a long road ahead of me.  Here' s a pic of toddler Lily for randomness.

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