Monday, July 6, 2015


How does time go by so fast?  Lily is just NOT a little kid anymore.  I'm just blown away by how she thinks and talks.  She even changed one of her sister's poopy diapers the other day and cleaned up after.  I know, right? 

Even Madi.  She's still very toddler-ish but can blow us away when she wants something.  She's started walking up to people and saying "pleased to meet you"  lol  that's about as far as her conversation goes but she's trying.  She wants to interact with people. 

It would be terribly nice if she'd stop pooping on the floor, however.

Anyway, I'm still in training for school bus driving.  It's a long road.  I think it can be discouraging at times.  There's a lot to memorize.  I don't mind learning new things, but it's the DMV road test that kind of unnerves me.  Not even the road test.  I'm not scared of driving the bus.  There's this thing called a pre-trip inspection.  You may know what you're looking for but you have to enunciate everything that could be missing or wrong with every vital piece of equipment on the bus.  That's a lot to remember.  And my trainer and I kind of butt heads.  He wants me to just memorize it whereas I want to know what something does so when I look at it I know what could break down.  Hence the discouraging part.  But Pedro's out of town this week so I have a few days just to chill. 


I'm not training this week but I do have the girls.  Lily has started her orthodontic treatment.  She has spacers in her teeth.  I think she gets the bands put in on Friday.  I think.  Maybe more measuring?  LOL  I have my hands full. 

I'm just so blown away that in 10 years Lily will likely be heading off to college.  She loves art but she ate a grilled cheese sandwich while watching hernia surgery on a dog.  Intestines and all.  I couldn't look and I wasn't eating.  My point is, if you have iron guts like that, may as well head into the medical field.

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