Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Got Your Goat


I haven't been on my computer in a while.  Someone either hogs it or makes it impossible to get to.  Well, I summoned my internal claymore tosser and cleared shit up fast.  Oh yes I did!

Anyway, then I struggled with my phone so I only have a minute before I need to run to work.

Catching tadpoles!

My boyfriend.  No seriously, he hid from everyone else. 

Sweet thing had a bad back.  But I managed to sweet talk to come over and say hi.

Making a nest.

And probably their favorite part of the day...
So the fieldtrip was fun.  Madi hasn't been sleeping well so I driving over 3 hours round trip was a bit of a nightmare.  Onto my favorite story:

I brought some cash with me because those places operate on revenue and I figured there would be feed or something to buy.  And I was right.  Because I'm awesome.  Shit and I need to leave in 5 minutes.

Okay, so me and my peeps (Lily and Taylor) were going to get goat food because I scrounged up some quarters.  Well, poop as soon as we got to the goat pen, ten other kids showed up.  Does that always happen?  So I get Lily and Taylor sorted but there's this sort of pesky kid.  Can't I give her a quarter, she wants some food.  So I turn and gesture grandly at the hundreds of people still eating lunch behind us and I say "Do you see all those people?  Go hit them up".  OH YES I DID.  There was a dad there and I thought he was going to hurt himself laughing at me.  Anyway, so I still wanted to feed the goats and if there weren't five of those little ankle biters trying to jones in on my goat food.  I think I said something like "hey, hold up! that's my food!  Mamma wants to feed a goat."  Said dad was dying of laughter. 

I drove 150 miles yesterday?  Something like that.  I wanted to feed a damn goat.  The small ones have the tickliest mouths.  :)  Totally worth taking on a gang of first graders.  :)  There's probably a reason I don't get invited on many field trips. 


dragonlady229 said...

You crack me up!

kerry staub said...

Sounds like an awesome day!