Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So....  Remember when I was pretty sure that I was dying of the plague?  That was a few weeks ago.  Turns out that I have asthma.  I couldn't understand why I was coughing stuff up but my cough never went away.  Things got progressively worse I wasn't getting rest due to coughing over night so I went to an inpatient place last Monday.  She said my lungs were clear but that I had mild asthma, possibly due to throat irritation from post nasal drip.


So I took steroids for five days, used an inhaler and prescription strength cough suppressants.  whee doggies!  When I was still bad after the prednisone, I broke down and used the z-pak.


So five days of gastrointestinal distress and I STILL wasn't better.  I called my doc's office yesterday and asked if they had appointments for today.  July 4th.  Yeah, I was pretty lightheaded.  I told them I was coming in and luckily Pedro came home early.  I was face down on the bed fighting for air.

No, seriously.

I got to the office and my doc said that my lungs sounded like a squeeze box.  She got me started on a nebulizer.  As I leaned over to turn off the machine, I noticed that my toenails were turning blue.  I've told EVERYONE I know about this.  lol  I pointed it out to my doc and she only said "Yeah, it's a good thing you came in today."


I'm back on steroids, which taste AWFUL, by the way.  She prescribed Advair which cost me $200.00


I'm glad I could pay for it but shit fire.

So it's get up in the morning, use the Advair, take my steroids, zoloft and acyclovir (for my eye shingles inflammation). And then use my rescue inhaler as needed, which is pretty much every 4 hours.

And drink a crap ton of water.

On the plus side, I was enjoying taking deep breaths yesterday.  I'd do it for the sheer pleasure of it.  You don't know how bad it is not to breathe, until you can't.  Well, duh.

She thinks it's a summer allergy thing.  It is DAMN hot outside and the air quality ain't great.  She says she has the same thing in July.  She uses Advair before July to prepare her lungs.  Well, good grief $200 a month....  A nebulizer is a lot cheaper and I have a great excuse to stay in bed and play video games.  What?

So yeah, this year has been a little rough.  We had that bad storm on Friday which knocked out power to millions of people in the state.  Ours was out for only a few hours.  I try to be grateful for things like that but ding dang it, I'd like to be happy about something good!  Not something less bad.


Well, Pedro wants to take Lily to watch the fireworks tonight.  He took her to a movie recently too.  He's been stepping up his game as a dad.  (bout damn time)


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