Monday, July 9, 2012


haha See what I did there???


So I've been on this asthma medication crap for a week.  FYI, prednisone gives me roid rage.  My doc called this morning and told me to start tapering it off.  I'm coughing, but lightly.  Still annoying though.  She wants me to take it really easy until it's all cleared up.  I'm not good at taking things easy.  I worked out really hard to lose all that weight last year and I'm not good at sitting down watching my muscles atrophy.  So I think I might sneak to the gym tonight... shhhh  No running, just some lifting to make me feel like I'm doing something.

What else?  hmmmmmm  Lily is doing better and better all the time with her riding.  It's been super hot so sometimes the lessons are about horsemanship, care, etc.  I have to admit that I would love to take lessons in the fall and learn how to jump.  Not to compete or anything, it's just something I'd like to do.  Probably one time and my buttocks will say "enough!" This is how it starts.  You get into your two point position before the jump. 

Then back into the three point after. Obviously, she's just going over a log but it's to prepare her timing.  I guess.  Mandy, the trainer, and I were chatting and I just happened to watch Lily do exactly what she was supposed to do out of the corner of my eye.  She's a great kid and a smart kid but she doesn't always follow directions well.  That's why I love watching her ride, she listens (and whines a bit) but follows the instructor.  Usually.

And last but not least, honey badger.  With her hand in the peanut butter jar.  Stacy says Madi reminds her of Pooh bear and so it cracked me up to see Madi scooping peanut butter like it was honey.  :)  She's doing okay.  She was 36" and 28lbs at the doc's office today.  26% for height and 16% for weight?  She's teeny.  But the doc says that she's following her own growth curve and no one can really predict how she'll turn out. 

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Anonymous said...

She will turn out Madi perfection :)