Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wheee doggies!

Well, Brewster has finally gotten over his tummy upset. It's one thing to pick up tootsie rolls off of the floor but pudding is something else entirely! He's a good boy but I can't wait to take him to obedience training. Something that was almost unheard of when I was a kid. I trained the two dogs that I had but never managed to get them to heel off of the leash. And they weren't puppies. I really want to teach him to stop jumping on people.

Anyhoo, yes I'm now 41. wheee! It was a quiet day, for the most part. Saturday I have the mud warrior race and then that night there's a Parent's Night Out at Lily's school. It's $30 for the two girls for five hours. If you don't know, that's a great deal. The gymnastic squad volunteers their time to raise money for their team. So it's a win win. A safe environment, lots of eyes, and a good price. :)

So that will be my night out. We want to test out the Browning 22 Bushmark pistol. It will be easier, and less expensive, for me to improve my aim. I know some people don't get why I've started doing this. I consider owning and firing guns to be a skill set. That I want to have. The shot gun will just be for fun. :)

So we're going to the range Saturday night and then to this dive bar downtown. It has cheap drinks and excellent chicken wings. Also, a nacho eating contest. One skillet, one person, one hour. I'm trying to talk Pedro into doing it. If you finish, the nachos are free. :)

Oh there's a new little girl in Madi's class. She's adorable. But she's different than the boys. So Madi follows her around. Her teacher is convinced that this new student is going to be really good for Madi and challenge her in different ways. :) Let's hope!

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