Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Monday I called the school where that awesome program is for kids who are delayed. The lady in charge of the program doesn't work during the summer, so I was kind of bummed. Well, I guess they actually passed on the message and she called me back today. She told me that they'd accept the doctor's results and therefore they find Madi eligible for the program. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

We'll meet with them the first week of August and school starts on the 15th for the little ones. WOO and a HOO! I've worked really hard this week to get caught up with things. I feel like I can kind of let out a breath. Then take another one so I can call the doctor and get an appointment for Madi. She's still coughing and pulling on her ears. Good grief. This year has been awful for colds for us. Sigh.

phew that is a load off of my mind. Granted, Madi is still learning new skills but I still don't think what she could learn over the summer will make her ineligible. She's still not talking and still putting every damn thing she finds on the ground in her mouth. Yesterday we were at the vets (for Riley) and I had to put her down to pay and off she went. She came back chewing on something. Luckily, it was just a cat treat. *eyes*

So, Riley - the vet did a really good exam on his belly and found some masses. She thought they MIGHT be poop but she was pretty sure they're outside of the poop chute. Sorry, I'm tired. So, they're doing blood work to make sure there's nothing going on that prednisone might make worse. And we're going back Saturday for her to feel his belly again. And he's getting cat lax with every meal to make sure there's nothing stuck in there.

I guess if there are masses, then we talk about x-rays. I'm not going to let him suffer from cancer. I figure an operation, if necessary, and she said that prednisone can help ease some of the suffering. As well as keep him from puking. *eyes*

I get one thing taken care of and something else pops up. I'll be so glad when the only pets we have are fish.

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