Friday, December 10, 2010


So I'm sick. Actually, the girls and I are sick. I know you might be thinking, oh good for Pedro, he's not sick. Oh he will be. And by then I'll be super tired and having to take care of his whiny butt. Ever notice what complete babies men are when they're sick???

Anyway, I'm also a little grouchy. I didn't sleep well last night but it wasn't because of Madi. Well, mostly not because of Madi. This cold is AWFUL. Are colds getting worse?? I know germs can mutate. It seems like they're getting worse. GAH

Anyhoodle, it's going to be another low key day at home. I might run out to the post office and then to get some milk because someone *cough* Pedro *cough* has been drinking all the milk. hmpf

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