Sunday, December 15, 2013

Coffee makers

So my old Keurig picked my ass about cleaning it.  The cleaning light came on all the damn time and when I did clean it, it still didn't work.  So I threw it in the trash.  That's right, RIGHT IN THE TRASH.

So now I have a perfectly respectable work-horse coffee maker: Mr Coffee.  And the cleaning light comes on, and I unplug the machine and the pesky light goes away.


(Full disclosure: I'm more like my dad than I'd feel comfortable admitting out loud)

So, I finally decide to use some vinegar to clean said coffee maker, as there's some discoloration on the part that tells me how much water is in there and that makes it hard to prepare at night when I'm in a rush.  Just trust me.  I do the whole vinegar thing and it's still discolored, so I innocently reach into the thing so see what's going on.

Sweet mother of Starbucks.


I use filtered fracking water.  All the time.  What the hell.  So I spent last night and this morning scrubbing it out.  I mean, disgusting.  Beyond disgusting.  I had no idea water could do that.  Shit, it's not like water sits in there for weeks at a time.  Ugh.

I mean, what the hell is in our water????

So anyway this morning my coffee, tastes like coffee.  Pedro asked me if I like having the plague in my cup.  *eyes*

Just in case any of you are like me, please, clean your coffee makers (or throw them out and get new ones, I'm easy like that)

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