Thursday, May 2, 2013


I keep on remembering this one thing.  Of course, now I can't think of what it is.  It's weird how memories from my childhood just float through my mind.  I used to think that I was melancholy for revisiting the past so much but I think it's just my nature.  My mom died when, well, we were both relatively young.  When you don't get a lot of time with someone maybe you're more apt to think about the time you did have. 

I remember lots of things.  My dad teaching me how to drive.  He used to take my out at 6am on Sunday mornings when I was 15.  Just breaking a couple of laws.  I got to drive on the freeway.  :)  We'd practice parking again and again and again.  Which is why this mama is a damn fine parallel parker.  Sometimes Pedro just gets out and lets me park.  ha! 

I remember how my mom was overweight but would have to inspect how much margarine I was using on her grilled cheese sandwich.  Clearly that half a tsp was responsible for her being overweight.  *eye roll*  I remember how she'd make me beat an egg over and over and over again.  Now I realize she was just trying to get me out of her hair.  Hooch.

I'm not sure I really had a point.  Just that I revisit the past a lot.  I cannot believe how fast time has gone since I've had Lily.  It slowed down some when Madi was born.  Just kidding.  That was in reference to lack of sleep.  She has been doing so well.  Not sleeping without her meds, mind you, but she did say "bye" to me at school today.  She's still prone to having tantrums when she wants something and I try really hard to get her to pay attention to me and try to use words to communicate. 

Also, I got her to go on the potty this morning.  I think we did that a few times last week too.  I want to get the morning pee down before we go for more. 

Am I excited that she's talking?  Yes.  But.  I still worry about where she's going to end up.  It's one thing when she's a cute little baby.  Or toddler.  Now some kids and adults are giving her a little side eye, trying to figure out what's different.  Oh and she trashed a friend's playroom.  Kerry blocked off the stairs and Madi laid waste to the other room.  So much so that even with four kids the dad came in and said "what happened?"  ha!  That's my Madi.

Anyway, I haven't been to the gym in weeks.  I have no desire to.  I'm sad looking at my muscles disappearing but I"m taking so many different meds right now I feel so weird.  Well, not weird.  Well, sort of.  Anyway, I watch what I eat.  Saw this great show called "Hungry for Change".  It explained some things that I wasn't sure of or was flat wrong about.  And that's been helping me lose weight.  Thanks to the violent stomach bug I lost 5 pounds and I've just kept it going.  I know that I need to go to the gym, but who wants to do crap when you're light headed???  Not I.

Anyhoodles.  I hope everyone is enjoying May.  And OMG how is this the last month of school.  ACK

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