Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh boy

So, Madi is kind of over the smashing dishes thing.  If only because we're getting low on dishes.  She's pulling her hair less but again, she doesn't have much left in front.  She's pulling my hair less but I attribute that to me pulling her hair back.  Oh yeah, THAT'S how it feels. 

She's talking more and more but I just don't know what is with the crazy tantrums.  Frustrated at not being able to communicate?  I've taught Pedro (and I hope that doesn't sound patronizing) instead of yelling at her when she's doing something wrong, reward her as soon as she does something right.  That also cuts down on the tantrums.  I can't say it enough: kids learn how to behave by watching their parents.  That old chiché actions speak louder than words is so true.

Anyhoo, I had diarrhea at Wal-Mart today.  How awesome is that???  Oh I was fine and even had the bathroom to myself but hell's bells I was shopping fast!  I think it was that gorgonzola.  *eyes*

What else?  Lily is doing well in school, as per usual.  She helped her daddy rewire the house over the weekend.  I owe her a big reward.  Can't decide what. 

Oh and I got some potatoes.  I know!  We sort of all eat low carb because of Pedro but I just need some potatoes!  He can have a small amount.  I lost my train of thought thinking about how to cook them....

Anyhoo, I am hanging in there.  Poor Pedro slept with Madi who decided to get up at 2:30.  And like leave the room, get up.  He had to chase her down and bring her back to bed.  She didn't even nap yesterday so I was pretty sure she'd be sleeping through the night.  O.o  Don't know what to do with her.  Straightjacket?

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Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job Mom and rewards for right is the best way. Punishment just sets an example for frustration and anger. Keep up the good work. Sarah