Sunday, May 13, 2012

Betty Bangs and a shotgun

Happy Mother's Day!  No, nothing fancy for today.  I spent over two hours at the salon yesterday.  I kind of commandeered some time for myself.  I got my haircut and my feet done.  woohooo!

This morning, dropped off Madi's prescription (she's still coughing), got a donut, got a paper, took Brewster to the dogpark, then picked up the prescription and went home.  It was kind of a nice morning.  I went to the gym, but I had to leave after my run cuz I was freaking starving.  No, really.  It was awful.  I'm ordering some Italian food for tonight.  Once I clear off enough room to eat on the dining room table.  *cough*

I feel kind of... content?  Relaxed?  I'm glad that school is over.  Just all the rushing around and driving I did each week.  400 miles?  500?  One tank was not enough.  So it will be nice staying close to home for a while.  AND holy crap the "art" work.  I just brought a stack of it into the study to process.  It's never ending when they're in school.  How many stick figures can you keep???

Well, I guess that's it since I have to finish up before I can get my dinner.  And I can't drink until I'm home for the day so I'd better get cracking.....

Oh yeah, and Pedro got his shotgun.  Mossberg something 90.  Pump action, 12ga.  Now I just need a babysitter.

And zombies to shoot.

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